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Monday, July 11th

 The Daily News wasn't published.

Tuesday, July 12th

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.” - Theodore Rubin


The Picks of the Day

The Emerging Global Labor Market Report from the McKinsey Global Institute

[Definitely an interesting report. Note, it is a free report from MGI.]]


Security's House of Credit Cards

“As a third-party payment processor for MasterCard, Visa and American Express, CardSystems had access to vast amounts of customer data—most of which it was not supposed to keep on its servers but, rather, discard after transaction processing. In addition, much of the data was stored unencrypted, despite the credit card companies' requirements to the contrary.”,1759,1832454,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03129TX1K0000614


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

The Ethical Side Of Compliance

“Doing the right thing when no one is looking can be the most important aspect of self-governance.”


Concern for KPMG Extends to E.U.

“Regulators in Europe, like their counterparts in the United States, don't want to see the Big Four shrink to a Big Three.”


SEC Pursues Civil Case Against Scrushy

“His acquittal 'establishes only that criminal prosecutors were unable to prove all of the necessary factual elements of the alleged crime beyond a reasonable doubt,' maintains the commission.”


Security and Risk Management

Forging a 'Risk Chain' in a Complicated World

“In the same way that manufacturing and business realized that optimization required refining supply chain operations, entities must extend their risk management practices into the value chain and create managed risk chains wherein a given risk chain is the combination of entities that are coupled together to achieve common objectives.”


IBM Forms Council For Data Governance

“The Data Governance Council includes vendors, corporate IT customers, VARs, integrators and technology consultants who meet each quarter to exchange ideas and experiences about how they deal with information security, privacy and compliance …”


Human Error / Safety

CHR says some doctors given wrong lab results

“The Calgary Health Region is trying to determine how many people were given incorrect lab results because of a computer error.”


Outsourcing / Globalization

Carbon-Based Repositories: Where Have All the Experts Gone?

“Now that the first wave of cost-cutting by moving jobs offshore has passed, something important has been washed out to sea: subject matter experts.”,10801,101619,00.html?source=x2625


China catches up with India in outsourcing

“But as the number of U.S. companies with operations in India increased, so did India's wages, personnel turnover and delivery problems, prompting clients to seek alternatives.  China, the Philippines, Russia, Poland, and Israel now are seen as growing alternatives for outsourcing.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

No News


Wednesday, July 13th

"If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Tariq Siddique


The Picks of the Day

Report: Sarbanes-Oxley could threaten security

“The multimillion-dollar cost of complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is diverting spending away from protecting against other security threats, according to a new report.”

The Information Security Forum’s website is at:


Worse Than Death

“The benefits of executing a hacker would be greater, he argues, because the social costs of hacking are estimated to be so much higher: $50 billion per year. Deterring a mere one-fifth of 1 percent of those crimes - one in 500 hackers - would save society $100 million. And Professor Landsburg believes that a lot more than one in 500 hackers would be deterred by the sight of a colleague on death row.”


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

EU split over anti-terror phone law

“The European Union is split over how to introduce a law requiring phone and Internet usage records to be stored to help fight terrorism in the wake of the London bombings, an EU official said on Monday.”


Security and Risk Management

New Credit Security Standards Prompt Soul-Searching

“The standard has already prompted a wave of security audits and updates among credit card processors, online merchants and service providers. But some industry insiders warn that enforcing the regulations among thousands of small merchants will be a challenge.”,1759,1834923,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03129TX1K0000614


Soaring malware levels hint at criminal activity

“Security company Sophos has seen a dramatic rise in the number of viruses, worms and Trojan horses this year as more organized criminals turn to cybercrime.”


Human Error / Safety

Cellphone Headset Use Isn't Safer for Drivers

“A study of cellphone use by motorists suggests that they aren't any better off using a headset in the car than holding the phone to their ear: They're still four times more likely to end up in a crash and injured than if they weren't using the phone.”,0,436790.story?track=tothtml


Outsourcing / Globalization

Accenture Leads Continuing Offshore Boom

“The firm recently reported that in the first three quarters of this fiscal year, outsourcing net revenues increased 17 percent compared with the same period last year.”


A Passage From India

“Now I face the possibility that my children, when they grow up, will find their jobs outsourced to the very country their grandfather left to pursue economic opportunity.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

The CEO's Secret Handbook

“Imagine a lifetime's worth of executive wisdom, boiled down to a handy pocket-size guide. Corporate leaders swear by it -- but it's not for sale. Lucky for you, we've excerpted the best parts.”,17863,1069237,00.html

[This requires a subscription to Business 2.0 magazine to read.]

Thursday, July 14th

 The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.” – Vance Havne


The Picks of the Day

PCAOB: 12% of cos. below SOX standard

“Better than one in every eight U.S. corporations that have undergone the more rigorous audits mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act during the past year have been flagged for ineffective internal controls over their financial reporting, officials at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board disclosed during a recent meeting with the organization's Standing Advisory Group.”


All Companies Need Strategy on Information Access in Internet Age, Author Don Tapscott Says in Gartner Fellows Interview

“Companies need to examine and update their policies and technologies for managing rising volumes of once-secret information that can be retrieved without authorization by insiders and outsiders alike, according to strategy consultant and author Don Tapscott in a recent Gartner Fellows Interview.”

The actual interview is at:

[The interview is very interesting and Tapscott gets into discussing the need to understand and engage stakeholder webs plus continues his discussion on transparency.]


Ebbers Sentenced to 25 Years

“WorldCom's former chief executive will likely spend the rest of his life in a federal prison.”


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Software Race

“Providing companies with advanced programs for keeping tabs on financial activity is as hot as a market gets. And so far Virsa is in the lead”


IT Complexity: Compliance Achilles Heel For Banks

“A recent study revealed that banks' intricate technology infrastructures not only cost them inordinate amounts of money to maintain, but also put their compliance programs at a disadvantage.”


IT Compliance Institute Launches The Unified Compliance Project

“The project's goal is to deconstruct the requirements of the major corporate regulations -- including Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley -- and present them in a holistic IT compliance view that exposes commonalities across compliance efforts.”


Security and Risk Management

Coalition Issue Definitions for 'Spyware'

“Anti-spyware vendors and consumer groups took a stab at issuing uniform definitions for "spyware" and "adware" on Tuesday in hopes of giving computer users more control over their machines.”


Protective Layers: Securing Corporate Networks

“With so many types of malware stalking the Internet, companies pile on their e-mail defenses.”,10801,103034,00.html?source=NLT_SEC&nid=103034


Human Error / Safety

FDA halts expansion of network to monitor medical device safety

“Despite its plans to closely monitor deadly malfunctions and misuses of medical devices through a new computer reporting system, the Food and Drug Administration has frozen the project in place well short of its goal of connecting 500 hospitals.”


Outsourcing / Globalization

Rural Poor Aren't Sharing In Spoils of China's Changes

“Economists say this trend underscores the downside of globalization: While free trade has proved highly efficient in generating wealth, it has failed to share the spoils, intensifying gaps between rich and poor, urban and rural. In many instances, new wealth is coming at the direct expense of the poor as local governments sell off land for development projects.”


Cutter Consortium: Does the EU Share or Compound Global Threats to U.S. Economic and Technology Power Base?

“Cutter Consortium analysts debate the degree of threat the EU poses to U.S. economic and technology market leadership in the latest opinion issued by Cutter Consortium's Business Technology Trends and Impacts advisory service. On one hand, Cutter Consortium Fellow Tom DeMarco asserts an economic power shift from the U.S. to Europe is now gaining steam and promises to have a far-reaching effect on the world technology sector. Several of his colleagues disagree.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

No News

Friday, July 15th  

"There are always more smart people outside your company than within it.” – Bill Joy


The Picks of the Day

Gates warns against reliance on outsourcing

“Companies should not outsource their core business functions and staff, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates told a group of Japan's top businessmen in a speech in Tokyo on Wednesday.”


Report: Computer hijacking on the rise

“Personal computers that play unwitting host to "zombie" code are proliferating at a startling pace, according to a new report.”


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

It Takes More Than Ethical People To Make An Ethical Company

“All the compliance initiatives, all the audits and reports, all the process automation is for naught if every employee doesn't understand how to comply with the ethics policies.”


Security and Risk Management

UK police help fight outsourcing cybercrime

“Faced with incidents such as UK bank details being sold from India, the UK police and the 53 nations of the Commonwealth get together to keep outsourcing free from crime “,39020651,39208832,00.htm


India's prime minister acts to tighten cyberlaws

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh instructed government officials Wednesday to hasten the amendments to the country's Information Technology Act of 2000.”


Users bank on managed security services

“More enterprise business customers are turning to managed security service providers to help them cope with the complexities of network security, especially when it comes to intrusion prevention .”


Human Error / Safety

E-mail errors leave Harry Potter fans fuming

“Customers who preordered the eagerly anticipated sixth installment of the Harry Potter saga on and were in for a shock this week when the retailers mistakenly e-mailed them to say their books might arrive later than expected.”


Outsourcing / Globalization

Global outsourcing to affect 4.1 million jobs by 2008: study

“The number of service jobs outsourced by the industrialized world to low-wage countries is expected to surge to 4.1 million by 2008, according to a study.”


Opinion: Offshore Outsourcing Will Help Win The War on Terror

“If students in emerging countries have real opportunities--say, in IT--they're likely to spend more time training for such careers and less time learning how to make bombs as pawns of radical imams and other demagogues who, for their own purposes, prey on the weak and the hopeless, offering promises of eternal happiness if you'll just please blow yourself and a few hundred Westerners to smithereens.”


Japanese cos may knock on Indian doors for outsourcing

“With an ageing population and a falling birthrate, Japan is expected to face a workforce shortage of 30 lakh people by ’07. It will need to either outsource work or allow in foreign workers.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

China's Net police should worry US firms

“Because Cisco's gear handles every bit of data, they can track everything happening on the network. That's fine when they're used in a business that needs to protect trade secrets. But in a country where every data network is owned by the state, Cisco gear could give the government a chokehold on information.”


Dell falls off the Cluetrain

“I first met Michael Dell in 1989 and, like most reporters, walked away from the encounter enormously impressed. Here was a tech exec who actually cared about the customer experience.”




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