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Monday, July 25th

 The Daily News wasn't published.

Tuesday, July 26th

"The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.” – Theodore Roosevelt


The Picks of the Day

IT Managers Criticize Federal Data-Loss Bill

“If the bill becomes law, organizations that hold sensitive personal data will be required to secure it with ‘physical and technological safeguards that will be specified by the Federal Trade Commission.”,10801,103445,00.html?source=x221


FDIC advises banks on how to protect against spyware

“The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) today issued a list of best practices for financial services firms that details how to protect against spyware, which the agency said can be used by criminals to collect customer data or hack into banking systems.”,10801,103450,00.html?source=x221

The FDIC website with the letter is at:

[Thanks Dave!]


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Panel: Don't rush into new data security laws

“Sweeping federal laws on personal data security aren't necessarily the way to go, a panel of lawyers, academics and former federal officials said here Friday”

[Thank you Deborah!]


New security threat is within

“Much of the attention has been on internal controls, but with more and more reports of computer network security breaches and the loss of customers' Social Security numbers and financial information, the spotlight has moved to protecting electronic data.”


Security and Risk Management

SANS: No Safety From Vulnerabilities

“Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past three months, you've likely been hit with an Internet security vulnerability needing your attention. The latest threats cover the gamut of popular client- and server-side applications, and they're even getting the ones once thought to be safe.”


Credit Data Firm Might Close

“Everyone has a purpose. But some people—and companies—exist mostly to provide a warning for others. That's the role CardSystems Solutions appears to have been destined for, says security columnist Larry Loeb.”,1759,1839515,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03129TX1K0000614


Human Error / Safety

Nasa may bend safety rules

“With the countdown entering its final hours and a fuel gauge problem still unexplained, Nasa said it is prepared to bend its long-standing safety rules to launch the shuttle on Tuesday on the first flight since Columbia's doomed mission two-and-a-half years ago.”,,2-13-1443_1743437,00.html


Outsourcing / Globalization

China Currency Move Keeps Controls Intact

“Having in one deft move ended the dollar link that anchored the Chinese economy through years of meteoric growth, Beijing is tackling its next big task: managing expectations of what comes next.”>


Bush creates new post to fight global piracy

“President Bush has created a new senior-level position to fight the global piracy and counterfeiting of American products ranging from Hollywood movies to Detroit auto parts, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said on Friday.”


Wipro quarterly profit rises 31 percent on outsourcing

India's third-largest software exporter Wipro Ltd. said Friday its profit jumped 31 percent to $98.1 million in the April-June quarter mainly because of outsourcing by Western corporations.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

In-Flight Cell Phones Unlikely – FAA

“Use of cell phones during airline flights is possible but seems increasingly unlikely, according to testimony at a Congressional hearing Thursday.”

[If ever there was an idea that should not be allowed to happen, the use of cell phones in flight is it.]

Wednesday, July 27th

"If you find a good solution and become attached to it, the solution may become your next problem.” – Robert Anthony


The Picks of the Day

Proving Control of the Infrastructure

“In virtually every industry, the success of an organization is inextricably linked to the reliability, availability and security of its Information Technology. Consequently, IT management must identify and analyze the relevant risks facing its production environment and then put controls in place to prevent, detect and correct them.”


Group calls on government to promote cybersecurity R&D

“The Cyber Security Industry Alliance (CSIA), a coalition of security vendors, is urging the federal government to make cybersecurity research and development a priority.”


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Congress at Odds Over Data Breaches

“Despite a steady stream of data breach disclosures this year—most recently by CardSystems Solutions Inc. —members of Congress are unable to agree on how to combat the growing threat to consumer privacy, and the roster of divergent measures grew again Thursday.”,1759,1839560,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03129TX1K0000614


PCAOB Toughens Independence Rules

“The accounting firm watchdog also approved a standard that guides auditors on reporting whether a previously reported material weakness continues to exist.”


Security and Risk Management

Schools battle personal data hacks

“And UConn's breach is not even the latest in a series of incidents that have cropped up on campuses, from small community colleges to some of America's most prestigious schools.”


National cybersecurity test set for fall

“The Department of Homeland Security plans to launch a national exercise in November that will test the government's readiness to handle cyber emergencies.”

[Thank you Deborah!]


Human Error / Safety

Buggy Software: Up From a Low-Quality Quagmire

“The list could go on and on. And the problem, it seems, is only getting worse. According to one oft-quoted number from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, flawed software cost the U.S. economy $60 billion in 2002. No one doubts that the number is even higher today.”,10801,103378,00.html


Outsourcing / Globalization

New Challenges for Indian IT

“Top IT industry body Nasscom believes quality and infrastructure are the sector’s real challenges. ‘Forget China or the BPO backlash, build roads to take IT benefits downstream,’ says its president, Kiran Karnik.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

IT Must Change In Step With The Business

“To achieve the required level of agility, an organization needs structures, processes and systems designed for rapid change.”

Thursday, July 28th

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu


The Picks of the Day

Experts Warn on Cyber-Security

“The United States remains frustratingly vulnerable to cyber-attack, and few government agencies are paying adequate attention to the threat, leading computer-security experts said Tuesday.”


Best-Practices Library Gains Fans

“The I.T. Infrastructure Library is designed to help companies cut the cost of using technology and improve the quality of services”


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

U.S. SEC pick Cox pledges vigorous enforcement

“Rep. Christopher Cox, the White House's pick to chair the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, said on Tuesday his ‘top priority will be vigorous enforcement of our securities laws.'”


Compliance Calls for New Priorities, Not New Software

“The key to compliance isn't more spending: It's deciding what to do with what you've got.”,1895,1834232,00.asp  


Security and Risk Management

A founding father of cyber security strikes out on his own

“As the founder of the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT), Fred Ramirez has a strong reputation in the world of cyber security that he hopes to build on with his new company, Cyber Net Force.”


Companies must plan for worst, and hope for the best

“The terrorist attacks of September 11 2001 should have been a wake-up call for the business community in Britain and across the world. However, nearly four years on, national surveys show 49 per cent of all UK businesses lack plans to keep the wheels turning if the unthinkable happens.”,dwp_uuid=46d6f5a8-d260-11d8-b661-00000e2511c8.html


United Kingdom: Information Security Governance - It’s your Responsibility

“Ensuring compliance with the growing body of legislation relating to corporate governance is a daunting task. Your statutory duties are now more demanding than ever before.”


Human Error / Safety

Consumers Support EMRs With Privacy Concerns

“A recent survey showed that 60 percent of respondents (619 people with Internet access) thought medical care would improve with electronic medial records (EMRs).”


Outsourcing / Globalization

Beyond Bangalore: Outsourcing Trends

“While few firms are equipped to handle all of their I.T. functions on their own, all companies should be cautious about a new round of opportunistic outsourcers trying to win a piece of the market with increasingly offbeat business models.”


Wipro targets latest outsourcing trend: R&D

”Wipro Technologies, the software and hardware engineering services arm of Wipro Ltd., said it is expanding its product engineering operations — its terminology for outsourced R & D services — into new technology areas and markets.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

UK firms suffer at hands of increasingly complex systems

UK firms are trapped in a vicious cycle of spiralling costs and inefficiency because of increasing levels of complexity in their IT systems, research commissioned by BT has warned.”


UK's IT networks in a mess

UK companies are locked into a cycle of spiralling costs and inefficiency as their IT systems become increasingly complex, according to research by BT.”

[This article has some interesting stats in it.]


The Six or Seven Axioms of Mass Social Change

“The anthropologist Margaret Mead gave us the gift of what can be called Mead’s Axiom, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.’”

Friday, July 29th

"The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of his or her organization is going to blow the competition away.” – Walter Wriston


The Picks of the Day

Complexity can kill a business, expert warns

“Businesses that follow the trend towards globalisation run the risk of becoming so complex that they fail, a business school professor said last week.”


Bigger they are, the harder they fall

“Deloitte said the secrets to survival and prosperity in the corporate world were risk management, and understanding that more than one thing could often go wrong at once.”

[This is a very interesting study.]

The actual Deloitte report is at,1015,sid%253D73699%2526cid%253D75093,00.html


Is SOA decentralization the "kiss of death"?

“He thinks SOA is now moving to the next level. ‘What we are seeing now is a significant step up by CIOs to get ahead of this, to standardize, to provide the governance as to how, where and when you do SOA in the organization,’ he says.”


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

EU slammed over IT cost of regulatory compliance

“The chair of the Financial Services Authority has slammed the EU over the cost of IT needed to support compliance with a new regulatory directive.”


New Web Service Tracks Foreign Tech Regulations

“The National Institute of Standards and Technology has launched a new Web service to track pending changes in regulations from countries around the world that could affect technology. The service tracks changes in regulations from each of the 148 World Trade Organization member countries.”

[Thank you Deborah!]


Security and Risk Management

More Companies Using Enterprise Risk Management to Handle Risks

“The report, based on The Conference Board/Mercer Oliver Wyman survey of 271 risk management executives, found that more than 90% of executives say they are building or want to build enterprise risk management processes into their organizations but only 11% report they have completed their implementation.”


Counterparty Risks under the Lens

“’We have no authority whatsoever, but we have a fair amount of moral-suasion,’ says the chairman of the group behind a new report that aims to reduce the risk of a ‘systemic shock’ to the financial markets.”

The report is at:


Human Error / Safety

New Plant Culture

“British Nuclear Group has released their board of enquiry report into the leak at Sellafield’s Thorp plant. A design error led to a leak of highly radioactive liquor while defective culture at the plant delayed detection for nine months.”


Outsourcing / Globalization

Bush Plan to Curb Tech Exports to China Threatens Intel, Boeing

“President George W. Bush's plan to toughen restrictions on technology exports to China has set off a struggle between U.S. national security officials concerned about China's military threat and American companies increasingly dependent on overseas markets.”

[Thank you Deborah!]


Globalization creates interminable tech workday

“Even the most unapologetic globalization proponents nevertheless acknowledge that offshoring has resulted in longer, stranger hours for white-collar workers in the United States. Some business experts worry that the trend could result in massive burnout if offshoring isn't properly managed.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

American ITIL

“Deep in the heartland of America an experiment is under way. ITIL, a set of best practices for IT service management, has begun to take root in the United States.”


UPS CIO Dave Barnes on Business Driving Technology

“There are shared concerns among all CIOs, I think. But people are the differentiators in the equation. I am blessed with an excellent team, but I stay focused on that team always.”


Business and IT need to get cozier in an SOA

“Business services in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) are best designed with an understanding of the business process, which requires a new model for how IT and business work together, which Heffner dubs ‘concurrent business engineering’ in a new report.”,289142,sid26_gci1110189,00.html


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