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Tuesday, January 17th

"It is not employees who cause the majority of errors; they are just unwilling pawns who operate in the environment often controlled by obsolete and cumbersome operating systems” -- H. James Harrington


The Picks of the Day

Control panel

“Long relegated to a sideline role, internal auditors have now emerged as valued consultants in many organizations”

[This is a very good article on the evolving role of internal audit.]


Inside data

“How do internal auditors like their jobs? Here’s what the surveys have to say about qualifications, salaries, job satisfaction and future prospects in their chosen area”


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Where Did the Data Go?

“Amid rising concern over the problem of identity loss, California and other states have enacted laws to give members of the public prompt notification that their personal information may have been misappropriated. Because the 2002 California law is the model that other states have followed in enacting data security breach notification requirements, several points should be noted with respect to that law.”,10801,107481,00.html?source=x247


Three more states add laws on data breaches

“Companies struggling to keep up with a patchwork of state laws related to data privacy and information security have three more to contend with, as new security-breach notification laws went into effect in Illinois, Louisiana and New Jersey on Jan. 1.”,10801,107530,00.html?source=x73


Agencies probing sales of cell phone data

“Congressman Edward Markey said on Friday that federal agencies were looking into whether telephone companies were sufficiently protecting consumers' records amid concerns that Internet sites were selling cell phone call information.”,7204,17835531%5E15318%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html


Security and Risk Management

Tips For Staying Secure in 2006

“The potential damages resulting from loss of reputation, business, and legal costs can be crippling too many businesses. Not only can it affect the day to day business, but it can also impact long-term M&A strategies. The days of dealing with data breaches ‘in-house’ are gone, and the consequences of being caught trying to do this are potentially worse than simply confessing.”


FTC Launches Site to Fight Cybercrime

“Responding to the rising cybercrime threat, the Federal Trade Commission  last week unveiled an online tool designed to help consumers avoid becoming victims of Internet  scams.”

[The new FTC site is at: ]


Carnegie Mellon receives grant to study security issues

Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) received a five-year, $2 million grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to support a variety of security-related research projects.”


Human Error / Safety

Stricter Nanotechnology Laws Are Urged

“An independent report being released this morning concludes that current U.S. laws and regulations cannot adequately protect the public against the risks of nanotechnology -- the rapidly growing science of making invisibly small particles and molecular devices.”


More Turkey bird flu as fears grow

“The Turkish Health Ministry has said laboratory tests have detected two more patients infected with the H5 subtype of bird flu, bringing the total to stricken to 18, three of them fatally.”


Is Bird Flu Overhyped?

“Anxiety about avian flu is spreading far faster than the disease. Watch enough reports on television about the outbreaks in Turkey, and you could worry yourself sick. In my opinion, the anxiety is unfounded.”,9171,1149398,00.html


Antiflu-Drug Handout In China Alarms Health Experts

“Bucking the best advice from international health experts, some Chinese officials have quietly distributed an old, plentiful antiviral drug to keep humans safe from bird flu, a move that may risk breeding drug-resistant avian influenza.”



Outsourcing / Globalization

Issues With H-1B Program Begin to Erode Equal Opportunity Laws

“The H-1B program is like heroin to U.S. companies that are now addicted to it even though the “shortage” of people is long over. There are many local people who are underemployed and don’t have an equal opportunity to jobs that are being restricted and awarded to foreign workers only. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t just happening in the IT area.”

[This is quite a searing piece.  I’d be very curious to hear readers’ comments on the H1Bs as I have a neutral position.  Ray, thank you for sending me this article.]


Bertie Ahern arrives; talks to focus on IT, education

“Prime Minister of Ireland Bertie Ahern, accompanied by a major trade mission, arrived here on Monday on a six-day trip to India.  The visit is seen as mainly targeted at enhancing cooperation between the two countries in the information technology and education sectors. “


Economics / Business / Misc.

Successful Rollout Planning Webcast

Scheduled for January 19th at 11am Pacific time

This webcast, hosted by Jupitermedia and sponsored by Pepperweed, will give and overview of the Release Management process domain and then discuss rollout planning.  To register for the event, go to:

Thursday, January 19th

"Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can't measure something, you can't understand it. If you can't understand it, you can't control it. If you can't control it, you can't improve it.” – H. James Harrington


The Picks of the Day

Finance Combines Opportunity with Necessity

“While spending on compliance will shift toward new technology investments, companies are equally focused on using this technology to improve core finance processes and to sharpen their view of business performance.”


IT Directions '06

“First the bad news: Even if you're confident that your organization has mastered Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and absorbed the worst of the costs, you still face a growing list of compliance demands that will likely consume a big chunk of your IT (and other) budgets, and continue to command major time commitments from your finance and IT staffs. If you thought 2006 would spell an end to compliance issues, think again.”


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Whistle-blower Shield Stops at Border

“The whistle-blower protections of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act do not extend to foreign workers employed by the overseas subsidiaries of U.S. companies, according to a court ruling reported by The National Law Journal.”


Regulatory compliance a CIO priority in 2006

“Interviews with medium to large companies across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea and Singapore found the uptake of regulatory compliance programs will increase significantly this year.  To date only 21 percent of those surveyed had implemented regulatory compliance programs, but 52 percent will have standards in place by the end of the year.;777287725;fp;16;fpid;0


Security and Risk Management

FBI says attacks succeeding despite security investments

“Despite investing in a variety of security technologies, enterprises continue to suffer network attacks at the hands of malware writers and inside operatives, according to an FBI report released today. Many security incidents continue to go unreported.”,289142,sid14_gci1157706,00.html

[The investments aren’t reaping benefits as expected because technology needs process and people in order to be secure.  Too many firms try to “buy” a solution and that doesn’t work.]


Down to Business: Back to Security Basics

“Expensive intrusion-prevention, global authentication and information-management systems have their place in the secure enterprise, but they won't keep your sensitive data from walking out the door. Let's go back to Security 101: creating a formal policy on accessing, distributing, storing and transporting such data--who does what and how.”


Segregate Duties to Lessen Security Risks

“The basic intent of segregation of duties (SOD) controls are that no one person should have excessive control over one or more critical processes.”


The NSA: Security in Numbers

“The techno-spy agency has a greater need than ever for American math talent, but recruiting in the age of Google is a lot tougher”


Human Error / Safety

Pilots fly into stress pockets

“NASA's studies show a person deprived of sleep for long will act as if he's had two or three beers.  This can lead to human error, which is rapidly becoming one of the greatest threats to air safety, say experts at the University of South Australia's Centre for Sleep Research.”

[It’s interesting to read these articles and see the parallels with errors in IT when staff are overworked due to a crisis, poor management, etc.]


U.S. airline pilots complaining more about fatigue

“A growing number of U.S. airline pilots are complaining about fatigue from longer work days brought on by crew schedule changes at airlines that have restructured, or continue to restructure in bankruptcy, the nation's top pilots' union said on Thursday.”


NPR:  Study: Americans Not Getting Enough Sleep

“According to the National Sleep Foundation, a majority of Americans say they've had trouble getting adequate sleep in the past year.”

[Aired November 4, 2005]


Outsourcing / Globalization

IT cos plan central database

“Billed as a 'global first' by IT industry association Nasscom, the move is aimed at providing security assurance to overseas clients that outsource work to Indian firms.”


Report: China Net Population Hits 111M

China's Internet population, already the world's second largest after the United States, has risen to 111 million, state media reported.”


How to win in a global economy

“IT and communications are opening up the world to businesses of all sizes. How can your IT strategy maintain competitiveness?”


Don't Be Afraid of China

“As its global trade surplus grows, other countries are getting panicky. But if handled right, this situation could lead to a more balanced global economy”


The Appeal of Listing in Hong Kong

“The fear was that Shanghai's market would eclipse it, but Hong Kong's stock exchange remains a magnet for Chinese outfits”


Economics / Business / Misc.

Math Will Rock Your World

“A generation ago, quants turned finance upside down. Now they're mapping out ad campaigns and building new businesses from mountains of personal data”


Towards the Chips of Tomorrow

“IBM, Toshiba, and Sony – the trio that developed the revolutionary Cell chip – are banding together in an effort to keep the breakthroughs coming.”



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