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Tuesday, March 21st

"The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a creative mind to spot wrong questions.” -- Anthony Jay


The Picks of the Day

Moving Markets

“As Nasdaq's bid shows, U.S. exchanges aren't about to sit still while others profit from laws that stunt U.S. capital markets. American exchanges also have plenty to gain by leveraging their unrivaled financial expertise in trans-Atlantic tie-ups. Yet at some point Congress is going to have to decide if it really wants the U.S. to keep eating the dust of a more sophisticated global marketplace, where international companies have growing choices about where to raise money.”


A Small Uproar over 404

“Two CFOs sound off about the disconnect between the costs and benefits of complying with the internal-controls provision.”


U.S. Is Denied Google Queries

“Privacy activists hail a federal judge's ruling. But he orders the search engine to reveal some information about websites in its database.”,0,3844771.story?track=tothtml


IT Process Improvement

Projects in Controlled Environments version 2 (PRINCE2)

This is the British project management standard.


The NHS Project Board

Contains PRINCE2 templates, their handbook and an overall wealth of information.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Commission addresses terrorism funding

“Speaking exclusively to The Nassau Guardian, Stephen Thompson, inspector of the Compliance Commission said his department has been mandated to address the financing of terrorism since the 9/11 attacks on the United States.”


The Last Quarter of the Guidance Game

“Now senior corporate managers and corporate-governance activists are debating the pros and cons of issuing or scrapping guidance. Some say discontinuing updates boosts investor confidence in corporate accounting, since it removes the temptation to rearrange the books to meet earnings targets. Others criticize tight-lipped companies for keeping owners in the dark, highlighting the importance of providing as much information as possible to the marketplace.”


Security and Risk Management

Attacks target Internet traffic cops

“A new variety of unusually powerful Internet attacks can overwhelm popular Web sites and disrupt e-mails by exploiting the computers that help manage global Internet traffic, according to security researchers.”


Airline screeners fail government bomb tests

“In all 21 airports tested, no machine, no swab, no screener anywhere stopped the bomb materials from getting through. Even when investigators deliberately triggered extra screening of bags, no one discovered the materials.”


The intersection of Sarbanes-Oxley and insider threats

“There is a growing trend for information security budgets to be shared between traditional security projects and compliance-related agendas. This makes sense because the consequences of an insider threat, for example, parallel many of the concerns around Sarbanes-Oxley: loss of confidential or intellectual property, exposed sensitive information, damaged or destroyed assets, and severed communications.”,10801,109527,00.html


Human Error / Safety

NASA to employees: Be more careful!

Kennedy Space Center employees returned to work Friday with orders to be more careful a day after a stand down was ordered following a spate of recent accidents.”


Bird flu: 3 in Israel hospital

Israel detected its first cases of H5N1 bird flu on Friday, saying the virus had killed thousands of turkeys and chicken on two farms, and hospitalized three people suspected of being infected.”


Clearing the air: Court blocks EPA rules

“A federal appeals court sided with 14 states Friday and blocked the Environmental Protection Agency from going forward with regulations that activists say would lead to more air pollution from the nation’s power plants and factories.”


Illinois sues nuclear plant over tainted water

Illinois filed suit Thursday against Exelon Corp. for repeated leaks of radioactive waste water contaminated with tritium into groundwater around its Braidwood nuclear plant, with prosecutors accusing the company of putting profits ahead of safety.”


Outsourcing / Globalization

India Inc welcomes nuke deal with US

“As many as 79% of the CEOs polled by the ABB feel that the March 2nd agreement with the US means much more than a mere energy cooperation. The agreement marks an end of three decades of nuclear isolation and denial of technology. All these honchos agreed that the deal would admit India to the nuclear club and lift the curbs that are imposed on all those outside the club.”


Outsourcing used to drive down costs

“Most organisations resort to outsourcing as a short-term tactical measure to lower costs rather than as a strategy in its own right. That's according to a new report from Gartner who surveyed 945 individuals in North American, European and Asia/Pacific countries.”


Some would like to build a wall around U.S. economy

“While there is no across-the-board move to erect walls around the U.S. economy yet, some analysts worry that the combination of national security and industry-specific economic fears could spiral.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

The Case Against Health Savings Accounts

“Critics are arguing with increasing fervor that employees who control their own HSAs may be so cost-conscious that they delay medical care that they really need, only to incur greater costs when their conditions worsen. Indeed, new research confirms that ailing employees who have higher out-of-pocket requirements also end up in the hospital more often.”


Supply Chain Thought Leaders: Eli Goldratt Unplugged

“This is part one of SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore’s interview with Dr. Eli Goldratt, father of the Theory of Constraints, and author of ‘The Goal’ and several other influential books on business and supply chain topics.”

Part two of the interview is at:


Thursday, March 22nd

When the sleeping dragon awakes, he will shake the world.” – Napoleon Bonaparte during a discussion on China


The Picks of the Day

Hacking Made Easy

“Automated Tools Gather Victims' Keystrokes, Upload Passwords to Illicit Database”

[This is a very interesting article.  The sophistication of criminals is clearly escalating and reflecting team development work.]


Vista delayed beyond holidays

“Crucial PC selling season in jeopardy as the new operating system hits a speed bump. OS is now expected to be broadly released in January 2007.”


Vista’s Setbacks

“Microsoft has regularly missed delivery dates for its operating-system software. Windows Vista, long touted as the most significant product upgrade since Windows 95 a decade ago, has been marked by major course corrections. Microsoft announced Tuesday that Windows Vista won't be available to consumers until January 2007. Here's a look at some of the delays and snags in Vista's development.”


IT Process Improvement

Project Management - Tasmanian State Government

The Tasmanian project management web site is one of my favorite comparison other websites to send people.  It’s a great resource.


The Project Management Institute (PMI)

PM BOK is a great project management reference.  It is more common in the US whereas PRINCE2 seems to be more accepted in other countries, particularly Europe.


Webcast:  The True Value of Change Management

Scheduled for March 23, 2006 2 p.m. EST, 11 a.m. PST and then available on demand afterwards

This webcast will discuss the benefits of change management, an overview of the process, choosing who should be on the CAB, risk management considerations and emergency changes.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley has defender on panel

“’It is impossible to measure the value of a financial/accounting fraud avoided. In 2005, there were approximately 1,300 restatements and weaknesses in financial reporting revealed and fixed by a Section 404-inspired process, more than double the number in 2004.’"


Corporate compliance rules challenged

“Sarbanes-Oxley opponents are gaining steam just a few years after corporate scandals rocked Wall Street. Is corporate America already forgetting Enron's lessons?”


Security and Risk Management

Port knocking: A security idea whose time has come

“Port knocking works on the concept that users wishing to attach to a network service must initiate a predetermined sequence of port connections or send a unique string of bytes before the remote client can connect to the eventual service.”


Homeland Cyber Security Efforts Failing

“The U.S. House Committee on Government Reform this week issued its most recent grades for IT security among government agencies, and once again, the division charged with ensuring cyber security for the nation got an F.”;_ylt=A86.I0R1HxtEvlEBygz9wxIF;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHVqMTQ4BHNlYwN5bnN1YmNhdA--


Spyware-killing Vista could take out rivals

“There's a software product coming that has the potential to demote spyware from a security priority to an afterthought: Windows Vista.”

[Please forgive me if I remain very skeptical on this until I see it proven.  Without diversity, they risk having holes regardless.]


Survey: alarming 45% of Enterprises with business continuity plans have invoked them

“Top-level findings show that despite both growing industry-wide adoption of formalised BC plans (73%) and a startling percentage of organisations that have needed to invoke those plans (45%), many organisations still fall short in their preparedness for an IT disaster.  Respondents to the international survey reported that on average, they have less than 48 hours to correct outages before the downtime becomes a potentially fatal issue for their organisations, with the largest slice of organisations (32%) reporting anything more than four hours of outage as disastrous. “


Human Error / Safety

Chernobyl: the legacy

“Twenty years on from the world's worst environmental catastrophe, John Woodcock revisits the still-poisonous landscapes of Ukraine and Belarus. But as Britain debates whether to build a new generation of nuclear power stations, are we forgetting the terrifying lessons of 26 April 1986?”


Inuit alarmed by signs of global warming

“The global warming felt by wildlife and increasingly documented by scientists is hitting first and hardest here, in the Arctic where the Inuit people make their home. The hardy Inuit -- described by one of their leaders as ‘sentries for the rest of the world’ -- say this winter was the worst in a series of warm winters, replete with alarms of the quickening transformation that many scientists believe will spread from the north to the rest of the globe.”


Tweaking the Climatic Nightmare

“A distributed-computing project that rocked the science world with dire predictions about global warming a year ago is enlisting thousands of new volunteers to test various climate models and fine-tune researchers' forecast of possible climate catastrophe., a climate-modeling project operated by Oxford University scientists, uses donated computer-processing power to run simulations of climactic change under a wide range of different scenarios.”,70392-0.html?


Study finds two separate bird flu strains

“The H5N1 strain of bird flu in humans has evolved into two separate strains, U.S. researchers reported on Monday, which could complicate developing a vaccine and preventing a pandemic.”


2 hurt in Japan nuclear plant fire

“Firefighters extinguished a four-hour blaze that broke out at a nuclear power plant in western Japan on Wednesday. Officials said no radiation leaked, but two workers were injured.”


Outsourcing / Globalization

Apple's Bangalore Plans Fuel IT Outsourcing Debate

“Apple is following the lead of many other PC and electronics firms that have set up call centers in India. The ‘commoditization’ of computer industry jobs is a reality that all workers must acknowledge, George Black, president and CEO of RSA, a Houston-based IT management firm, told MacNewsWorld.”


The Asia Effect

Asia is becoming central to global operations. Its ascension is accelerating the decline of America and spurring the rise of a united European power.”


Revolution and Evolution in Modern China

This is a special Canada Broadcasting Corporation site about China featuring a number of radio and TV stories.


Rising salary may blunt India's BPO edge

“Despite the fact that with an expected growth of nearly 28 percent in the financial year 2005-06, scorching growth continues to be the trend this year too, India's money spinning IT-ITeS industry that earns about $36 billion in annual revenues will face rising people costs as its single biggest challenge going forward.”


Economics / Business / Misc.

Now G.M. Has Woes on Audits

“The announcement late Thursday that General Motors would revise profit figures for every year of this decade, and would have to restate the 2005 earnings it had already reported, shows how far the icon has fallen. Less than a year after it lost its investment-grade bond rating, its bonds are viewed as middling even among junk bonds.”


Toyota tops hottest cars in America

“In a list of the 10 hottest cars now on the market, six of the 10 are products of the Toyota Motor Co. The Prius tops the list and all three of Toyota's low-priced Scion models are on the list, as well.”


Open Media Commons Releases Specifications and Source Code for Open, Royalty-Free Digital Rights Management

“Sun Microsystems hosted the first Open Media Commons (OMC) Workshop last week to further the community's goal of developing open, royalty-free digital rights management (DRM) and codec standards. In conjunction with the workshop and building on the announcement last year of Sun Labs' Project DReaM (DRM/everywhere available), Sun released two draft specifications for content protection technologies -- DReaM-CAS (Conditional Access System) and DReaM-MMI (Mother May I).”




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