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Green IT Resources

Minimizing the organization's impact on the environment is a noble and moral initiative. IT can help functional areas reduce their carbon footprints while also undertaking initiatives to reduce what IT is directly contributing to in terms of energy consumption and eWaste. During the course of research, the following resources have been identified and are recommended.

SGC Webinars

Please visit the webinars page. There are were webcasts given that discuss Green IT mainly as it relates to data center energy consumption.

The News

SGC publishes a newsletter approximately once a week that covers issues surrounding global warming, energy and green IT. Subscription information and past archives can be found by clicking here.

The Green IT Process

Feedback on The Governance of Green IT Book
I sent a copy of the new Green IT process book to James Hamilton at Amazon. He was kind enough to review the book and sent me a quote I can use - “George Spafford's Governance of Green IT is a concise and easy to read summary of the key processes required to operate a resource efficient data center.” For those of you who do not know James, he is a data center guru and for him to say that about the new book means a great deal to me. James was responsible for a lot of the industry-leading data center design work coming out of Microsoft and recently moved to Amazon’s web services group and is now a VP and Distinguished engineer there. He has a blog where he posts his thoughts at:
For more information on the Governance of Green IT book or to order it, please visit:
For a free high-level introduction to the Green IT process, please visit: and view the December 2, 2008, webinar
There is also a PowerPoint of that webinar at:

Green IT Books

The Governance of Green IT
“The economy and environment have combined to create quite a challenge. On one hand, there is a push to reduce capital investment and operating expenses. On the other, organizations are implementing green strategies to reduce the environmental impacts. Within this context, information technology is struggling to provide services that support the organization. To sustain support, IT must implement processes to ensure proper value creation and protection of organizational goals. To this end, this book sets forth a Green IT process that will enable value creation and protection in the areas of data center power and cooling.”

New Green IT Book:  Greening the Data Center: A Pocket Guide
This is a new pocket guide I wrote that is intended to give managers an overview of technical areas to look at to reduce power consumption in a data center.  The book has been published and is now ready for ordering.
Soft cover edition:
Download edition:

External Resources

The following are highly recommended starting points.

The following resources are also very good and are recommended for providing different perspectives and additional insight in certain areas.

Interesting Products

Watt Stopper/Legrand’s Isolé Power Strip with Auto On/Off Sensor
This surge strip has a remote sensor to detect if a person is present or not.  If not, it can turn off is six controlled electrical outlets thus shutting off lights, fans, monitors and other accessories in a person’s workspace.  There are two unconfrolled outlets that will remain on that a PC or other devices that can’t afford an uncontrolled shut down to remain on.  This meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004 requirements and contribute to LEED credits.
You can order it at Amazon:
Their website is:
Read a review at:

Kill-A-Watt from P3 International
If you are trying to understand energy consumption and what it costs to run a computer, or other device, Kill-A-Watt is a monitoring tool that can provide great data in your decision making.  At only $19.94, it can yield great data for decisions at home and at work.  


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